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Established in 2003 the production company PUSH [Montréal] is an umbrella for collaborative and cross-disciplinary work which follows loosely the structure of a small dance company. Bringing together an evolving group in various geographical locations it is a kind of mobile or virtual laboratory capable of developing video, installation, performance and new-media projects.... a conceptual travelling circus camped on the edge of town. Collaborators in PUSH projects include: Michael Fernandes(visual artist); Monique Romeiko (dancer); Robert Schweitzer (performer); Jack Stanley (writer); Rainer Wiens (composer, musician); Karsten Krol (dancer); Shauna Beharry (artist, writer); Suzanne Miller (choreographer); David Miller (photographer, visual artist); Pierre Giner (video artist); Isabelle Bernier (visual artist); Atelier Big City (architects)


OSSIP (2008-9)
Ossip began as a dance performance developed during a residency at Overtigo, montreal and presented at Tangente-Danse, Montreal with two performers, five altered chairs and a non-musical soundscape. Ossip is a 'translation' of a single poem by Russian poet Ossip Mandelstam into words, movement and objects. [more]

DUET (2007)

Performance and video installation. A performer echos the movements of Hassam Abdo, a young Palestinian boy stopped at an Israeli army checkpoint with a bomb attached to his body. In this performative echo a man enacts and repeats the gestures of the boy while a second performer, a woman, embodies all that intervenes from behind the plane of the camera; the soldiers, the viewer, the camera itself.

MOAT (2005-6)
Live event and installation; Space, London. Moat is a performance and video installation recorded in the moat surrounding Canada House on Trafalgar Square in London merging live performance with video surveillance technology in a work exploring surveillance and political violence. 

Cinéma (2004)
A storefront converted into a theatre. Seats inside the space face out onto the street. The window becomes a screen when viewed from the inside. From outside the space appears as a theatre viewed from the stage. Performance takes place in the park opposite the window. The performance is both ambient, hardly distinguishable from every-day activities as well as explicit actions. Presented at SAT (Société des arts technologiques), Montreal. [more]

Push! (2003)
PUSH is a collaboration with artists Shauna Beharry (Montreal), Isabelle Bernier (Montreal), Pierre Giner (Paris) and David Miller (Montreal). The exhibition, between a collective installation and a curated group show, was a conversation on the relationship between photography and violence.

En Masse (2003)
En masse was a collaboration with choreographer and dancer Suzanne Miller. A movement work for 75 people which explored non-synchronized movement for a large group. [more]