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A storefront converted into a theatre. Seats inside the space face out onto the street. The window becomes a screen when viewed from the inside. From outside the space appears as a theatre viewed from the stage. Performance takes place in the park opposite the window. The performance is both ambient, hardly distinguishable from every-day activities as well as explicit actions. Presented at SAT (Société des arts technologiques), Montreal. Live sound (from mics in the park) was mixed with prerecorded material in a live sound mix for each performance. While water pours down the window, separating the audience from the world, Cinéma opens with a monologue which deals with the nature of the first word and the dominance of the 'cinematic eye' in our experience of the world. The sub-title of Cinéma is in portuguese - "O fim de Orfeu"- the end of Orpheus, and the soudtrack uses clips from the film "Orfeu Negro". The myth of Orpheus and
Eurydice, with its shuttle across the transitional space between the worlds of the living and the dead, is used as a structuring device for Cinéma. The work also plays with the idea of the screen represented by the storefront window, both as a metaphor the simultaneously alienating and revealing video or cinema screen and as the divider of public and private space, a threshold which we both guard and constantly cross. During the daytime visitors can sit in the theatre observing the street while listening to an audio piece in which the performance soundtrack is adapted as an installation.
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